10 Things Only Your BFF Will Have the Balls to Tell You

10 Things Only Your BFF Will Have the Balls to Tell You

Your best friend is someone you can count on. And that means you can count on them to tell you about all the good things that are going on, as well as the not-so-good things. Honesty is such an important part of a healthy friendship. Obviously we expect compassion from our besties, but if they aren't there for you to tell you when you have spinach between your teeth, who is? These are the 10 things only your BFF will have the balls to tell you!

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1. You Smell

Maybe you forgot to put on deodorant this morning. It's up to your bff to let you know you reek and to spritz you with perfume before anything else happens.

2. Your Outfit is All Bad

Maybe you were still asleep when you got dressed this morning. That's ok, your friend has a pair of leggings and a flannel you can borrow!

3. You Can See the Orange Makeup Line on Your Jaw

Never a cute look. But that's ok, you can trust your friend to pull out her blender and touch you up.

4. Your Boyfriend is Needy

Or annoying, or mean, or stupid. If you are dating someone who just isn't good enough for you, it is the duty of your best friend to let you know.

5. You're Being a Basket Case

If you've been whining all week and complaining about one thing or another, it's OK for your buddy to let you know you're being a bit of a basket case. After all, she has to deal with you like 24/7.

6. You Need Crest White Strips

No one else is going to tell you when your teeth are looking a little bit yellow. You guys can do them together!

7. You Can't Pull Off Goth

Sorry it just isn't you, you're more of a modern-bohemian kind of girl!

8. You Have Toilet Paper on Your Shoe

Everyone else is probably just going to laugh at you, but your best friend will pull off the TP and shield you from all the mean comments.

9. You're Being too Harsh

Maybe you're taking out your anger on your parents, or classmates. If your best friend sees you acting a little on the harsh side, you should be glad that she can step in and, in a nice way, let you know you need to tone it down a bit.

10. You're Perfect, Never Change

No one else is going to tell you how #flawless you are. Only your best friend has the insight and understanding to know that you are the best friend a girl could have, and you should be admired for all of your charm, wit, and humor. And of course, you would do the same for her!

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