Here Are 7 Videos That Will Help you Dance The Calories Away

Here Are 7 Videos That Will Help you Dance The Calories Away
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When you're not particularly fond of hardcore workouts or into the idea of turning into a total gym rat, you have to get your workouts in, in other ways. For some people, this comes in the form of ditching their car and working to work and taking the stairs, for others, YouTube workout videos are where it's at. 

Free, fun, and typically under 30 minutes, dance-centric workout videos provide everyone with a great way to get their daily exercise in without leaving the house, finding tons of time, or utilizing tons of equipment. 

Contemporary, funky hip hop, and even classic ballet are all forms of dance that can be utilized to burn fat and calories, get your heart pumping, and tone the body all while making you a little happier. 

Whether you have less than 10 minutes to devote to working out today or you can carve out a little more time, there is at least one video on this list that is perfect for you. 

1. 25 Minute Cardio Dance Workout

25 minutes of fun, fast paced dance moves that do some serious work for your cardio needs. Inspired by the same dance workouts used by your favorite celebrities, this workout incorporates everything from contemporary, to hip-hop and ballet to help shape and tone almost every part of your body. 

2. Afrobeats Dance Workouts

Fast-paced afrobeats provide a fun backdrop to this workout that make it feel less like exercise and more like a late night dance party. Perfectly curated to help you burn fat and shed pounds, this workout will leave you feeling mighty sore but super accomplished at the end. 

3. Bombay Jam Bollywood Dance Workout

Beautifully inspired by fun, popular Bollywood movie dances, this workout is meant to get that heart rate moving. The workout features moves that work out your arms, legs, abs, and everything in between. And all in only about 10 minutes too! 

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