You've Actually Been Wearing Leggings Wrong, According To Kendall Jenner

You've Actually Been Wearing Leggings Wrong, According To Kendall Jenner

Leggings are the best thing to happen to comfort since the heated blanket, and as far as we can tell, they're not going anywhere soon. There are lots of ways this heaven-sent leg-wear can go wrong (panty lines! camel toe!), but with higher quality leggings now on the market and the snobby "don't wear leggings outside of yoga" rule way out the door by now, there's more fashion possibilities than ever for the spandex dream piece. We couldn't think of a better person to teach us how best to wear our leggings than Kendall Jenner, the queen of wearing leggings dressed up, down, and all over town in super chic ways.

First off, Kendall has been seen lately pairing her leggings with a statement coat, and the result is not only awesomely chic, but also super convertible to different situations, such as from a plane ride to a lunch date.

For an even cooler look, she pairs her leggings with a bold coat like this, and it's the epitome of glam comfort.

Kendall is also often photographed by the paps leaving the gym with a cool moto jacket...

...or a laid-back jean jacket and statement bag, making it possible to go straight from the gym to the day's errands.

She's also managed to incorporate leggings into a full-on evening look, and this may be the most comfortable alternative to a pantsuit or cocktail dress we can think of.

Kendall's also really great at fancying up a casual look by swapping out jeans for leggings, and throwing some over-the-knee boots on for added chic points. The bomber jacket, sleek bag, and aviators are all great add-ons for a perfect weekend look.

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