Watch Lucy Hale Ace 'PLL' Trivia During 'Two Truths & A Pretty Little Lie'

Lucy Hale during Teen Vogue's "Two Truths and a Pretty Little Lie" segment
Teen Vogue via YouTube

Do you consider yourself a Pretty Little Liars super fan? Do you think you know literally everything about Hanna Marin's life? Do you have every message from "A" completely memorized? No matter how much of PLL fan you are, after 7 jam-packed seasons, you might miss a thing or two. 

Lucy Hale, however, is an expert when it comes to all things Pretty Little Liars. Considering it's her job, we aren't that shocked. Hale lives inside the glamorous universe of Rosewood more than half the time, so it only makes sense she knows everything about PLL, right?

Teen Vogue put her knowledge to the test during a game of "Two Truths and a Pretty Little Lie." In the game, Hale is told two things that actually happened in PLL and one thing that well, did NOT happen. It's up to Hale to figure out which one is the "pretty little lie." Do you think you can ace the test?

Watch below: did you do? Did you do as well as Lucy or do you need to binge watch all 7 seasons again? 

We totally aced the quiz, but we're gonna watch all 7 seasons again anyways. 

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