This 'Harry Potter' Star Is Posing For Playboy & Looks Flawless

This 'Harry Potter' Star Is Posing For Playboy & Looks Flawless
MTV2Day/Warner Bros

Well she’s certainly all grown up!

You probably weren’t a huge fan of Pansy Parkinson. You remember her – she was that evil chick in Slytherin, the same year as Harry and the crew? They sometimes hinted that she was dating Draco Malfoy?

Well, the actress who played the loathed character might win a few more fans after this new project!

Scarlett Byrne just announced via Instagram that she’ll be appearing in an upcoming issue of Playboy. The teaser photo isn’t the most risqué thing you can find on the internet, but maybe make sure your boss isn’t behind you before you scroll down:

In the caption, Byrne says that she’s penned an essay for the magazine, titled ‘The Feminine Mystique’.

But if you’re less interested in editorial and more interested in steamy photos, fret not: Playboy recently announced that they’re returning to full nude images. So there’s definitely a chance you’ll get to see more of one HP star than you ever dreamed. 

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