These Fire Dancing Hula Hoopers Are Lit AF

These Fire Dancing Hula Hoopers Are Lit AF
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Hula hooping. You probably haven't done this since you were a kid. It's normally not terribly exciting to stand and awkwardly gyrate your hips for minutes on end just to see a big circle go round and round.

But someone has actually made hula hooping completely awesome.

Yeah, it sounds impossible. But with the LED hoops, this silly '50s trend is transformed.

What the hell? How is this so amazing?

These LED hoops are incredibly bright and photographed the right way, you can see all their streaming lights and colors.

When not in action, these hoops look fairy normal. Pretty much just rope lights in a circle.

But once they get going, it's trippy AF!

It's like a screensaver come to life, in the best possible way.

Deven Zimmer is a hula hoop goddess and works with different routines and light patterns. 

If you're looking to try this for yourself, she has a variety of hooping tutorials that can give you the skills to make an LED hoop come to life.

If you think she's only good in the dark, check out her daytime moves.

Damn! We never thought hula hooping could look sexy and cool, but there it is. Oh, and she's in heels. Sickening!

Here's another video that's super lit. No, seriously, it's lit on fire. She's throwing fire around and looking fly.

Hooping has gained a bigger audience in the last few years with fitness hula classes on the rise. Turns out it can be a great core and arm workout to keep that hoop going for 30 minutes straight.

If you want to get in on this glowing hoop party, it is a little expensive. You're not going to find these toys at the dollar store. They range in price from $48 to $299. But you could just think of it as a nice accessory for the club. People would notice this a lot more than any clutch.

Maybe bust out some glowing hoops at your next party. People will laugh when they first see the hula hoop, then you'll laugh when their jaws drop to the floor with your awesomeness.

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