The Top 9 Items To Survive Winter

The Top 9 Items To Survive Winter
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It seems like each year we stock up on new items each season. New swimsuits for summer, scarves for fall, tanks for spring, & too many items to count for winter. Is it just us or do we find ourselves feeling like we need an entire new wardrobe once the snow starts to fall? We search high & low for the coziest of items only to realize we did the same thing the year before. This year, we're stocking up on only the essentials & the best of them. We've rounded up 9 items that will last you season after season to survive the chilly temps in style!

1. Gloves: An obvious choice with tons & tons of options out there, our absolute favorite are these fleece lined texting gloves. Beyond cozy & accommodating to calling an Uber, this is one winter essential we cannot live without.

2. Rain Boots: If you live somewhere where it snows, chances are your fuzzy boots aren’t cutting it. They get destroyed by the salt & your toes are soaked from stepping in mounds of snow by the end of the day. These rain boots are our absolute favorite winter buy as they’re durable, keep your feet warm (& dry!), & last season after season.

3. Fuzzy Blankets: There’s nothing we love more than cozying up in front of Netflix err the fireplace… These pretty blankets are so soft you’ll want to take them everywhere you go all winter long.

4. Mugs: How cute is this sweater mug! Keep your mug cozy while you do the same with some hot cocoa.

5. Pillows: A new season allows for new home updates & this pillow is one we ordered immediately after seeing it. It’s too cute & the neutral colors allow for use in multiple rooms.

6. Slippers: Tell us these aren’t the absolute cutest slippers EVER!! Plus they’re super cozy.

7. Hats: Pom pom hats were one of our favorite purchases last year & this year we’re upgrading to this one which is a more durable, long lasting, & incredibly warm option.

8. Lip Balms: Chapped lips are inevitable as the cooler temperatures only get worse. We’ve found this brand to be the fastest healing & most preventative for our lips.

9. Teapots: Tea, hot cocoa, coffee, all with a splash of peppermint, please! This pretty teapot will easily transition from one of our winter essentials to a year-round must have for us.

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