The Most Annoying Things Couples Do. Ew.

The Most Annoying Things Couples Do. Ew.

You know when you're annoyed with someone, and suddenly every little thing they do, whether it be how they eat, laugh, talk, breathe, etc., seems to annoy you? Well the same sorta applies when you're single, and you have to witness couples in love.

We went ahead and put together a list of the most obnoxious things couples do that are downright annoying -- regardless of whether you're single or not. 

Sitting on the same side of the booth.

There's seriously nothing worse than a couple who insists on sitting on the same side of the booth. Like c'mon, what's the point? Other than to be as close together as humanly possible.

Playing footsie.

Footsie, handsie, mouthsie, basically whatever verb with 'sie' at the end of it is  just downright annoying and makes whoever is in close proximity uncomfortable.

Feeding one another.

Okay, seriously, this one should be reserved for babies or those physically incapable of feeding themselves. No other adult, able bodied humans should have to be hand fed bites of food from another human.  We were given two hands for a reason -- make the most out of them and feed yourself.

Speaking in cutesy voices.

Using baby voices and/or pet names should be reserved for well, babies and pets. So when you have to shout for "bae" across the way or talk like a wittle baby, well, keep it for when it's just you two.

Matching Outfits.

As couples, you're practically together every waking moment as it is, so feeling the need to also color coordinate and/or dress alike (because we don't already know you're together) is a little overkill, and unnecessary. Reserve this for Halloween couples-costumes and leave it at that.

Bringing up intimate details of their sex lives.

No one needs to hear about the awesome, mind-blowing sex you and your partner just had, except well maybe your partner. Otherwise, just keep it in the confines of the bedroom.

Engaging in serious PDA.

Going off of that, if there's one thing we singletons hate more than hearing about your sex lives, it's getting an intimate preview of it. Sure, a peck here and there is fine (tolerable) but once again keep what happens in the bedroom, in the bedroom.

Posting about their S.O. on social media.

We get it -- you're dating, so of course you are pretty fond of one another. But we don't need every milestone, moment, and little thing you do documented and posted on social media to remind us over and over again.

Fighting in front of family and friends.

All lovers have quarrels, but that doesn't mean we all want to hear whose turn it was to get the next round of toilet paper. Like most things on this list, reserve these conversations for later, in private.

Going everywhere together.

While you're dating and entitled to go anywhere together, sometimes when a friend asks you to hang, or invites you to a party, it'd be cool if you didn't have to bring your S.O. every time. And if the occasions arises where you are going to, give someone a forewarning or ask if it's okay for scheduled events.

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