The Kardashians Secretly Donated 100 Gourmet Christmas Dinners To Families In Need!

The Kardashians Secretly Donated 100 Gourmet Christmas Dinners To Families In Need!
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They may be the most famous family in America, but that doesn’t mean they do everything for the publicity.

The Kardashian-Jenner family just discretely donated 100 gourmet Christmas dinners to LA families in need – all very quietly and with little fanfare, until one of the program’s directors finally felt obligated to tell the world about their contribution.

“Got a Christmas call from Jenner / Kardashian Home saying they wanted to donate some food,” said Red Eye director Justin Mayo on Instagram. “100 gourmet chef prepared meals for those on Skid Row. No publicity. No press release. Simply an amazing family loving their city.

“They had no clue I’d post this but I felt people should see this side of their hearts.”

Red Eye is an non-profit based out of Los Angeles that manages a number of humanitarian efforts. The Kardashian-Jenner clan has apparently been involved for years, but it was all very hush hush until Mayo’s Instagram post went viral. He’s since spoken to People further about their contributions:

“Their whole family continues to do amazing acts of generosity with our charity Red Eye without ever notifying anyone. I simply spoke of such because I feel it would be good for people to see this side of this amazing family.”

The Christmas dinner this year was a traditional hearty feast, made up of meat, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and gingerbread cookies. That certainly brightened up the holidays for dozens of families this year!

In true Kardashian fashion (pun totally intended), it’s not always just meals – the family also arranged over $50,000 in cosmetics for Red Eye’s Mother’s Day Makeovers, a program that provides make-up and clothing for women living in Skid Row.

Matriarch Kris Jenner attributes her family’s generosity to her late husband Robert. “He taught me and them that no matter what you do in life and what you make, you give back,” she said at last month's Angel Ball in NYC. “And you do it without saying a word because that’s what the Bible said. And we did.”

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