Sarah Hyland's 'Lip Sync Battle Shorties' Performance Absolute SLAYS

Sarah Hyland's 'Lip Sync Battle Shorties' Performance Absolute SLAYS

The world changed a few years ago when Jimmy Fallon started his most popular segment, Lip Sync Battle. Our hearts swooned watching The Office’s John Krasinski make love to us via Boyz II Men, and after those took off it was clear this had to be its own show. Then came the LL Cool J hosted show on Spike, but it couldn’t stop there. Because this is a can’t lose formula, Nickelodeon has taken it on and has nabbed one of our favs Sarah Hyland as the host. And let’s be real here, even with kids, Lip Sync Battle Shorties is still addicting as heck to watch.

2016 wasn’t the greatest for way too many reasons but it did give us Lip Sync Battle Shorties. A show in which kids battle it out mouthing the words to some of their favorite songs on stage. It’s a simple concept but again, you can’t help but sit and watch no matter what else you had planned to do that day. While the adult version over on Spike has its fair share of famous faces, the kids one is slaying due to the cute factor. Anna Kendrick and The Rock are forever in our hearts but come on, cute kids dancing around to the likes of Imagine Dragons? Done.

Also, we’ll always love LL and his colorful commentator Chrissy Teigen, but Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland ain’t too shabby taking on the hosting duties over on Shorties. She sings along like a superfan and seems to be having as much fun as the kids coming on the show to shake it off the best they can. Oh yeah, and Lip Sync Battle is always known to toss in a surprise celebrity guest from time to time, and well, Shorties lives up to that too. They’ve already had the one and only Shaq pop up!

The only problem with this show? It didn’t exist sooner! Imagine if this had been around in the ‘90s? Could you imagine being a kid and then a Spice Girl popping up? While we regret this not coming into our lives so we could live it up as a kid, we’re going to continue to watch this pint-sized lip syncer do their thing on Nick!

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