Nordstrom Is Selling A Leather Rock Case For $85 & We Don't Get It

Nordstrom Is Selling A Leather Rock Case For $85 & We Don't Get It
Made Solid/Nordstrom

Remember the Pet Rock craze of the '70s  and '80s? You'd get a little cardboard carrier filled with hay and your very own Pet Rock to love and care for until you got bored and put it in the garden with the rest of the rocks. Well, Nordstrom has decided to get in on this craze... About 40 years too late and at a price that's way to fricking high.

At only $85 a pop, you can relive your childhood Pet Rock days with a fancy-schmancy rock in a genuine leather case. This adult version of the basic toy also comes in a smaller version for only $65. Yeah. For real.

For reasons I cannot possibly imagine, both the large and small versions of this leather-bound rock have sold out. Sorry, folks, you're going to have to make up an excuse for why Santa couldn't bring that $85 rock at the top of your kids' wishlist this year. Maybe he lost it along way? Or maybe he realized, like us, that it was a total waste of money and didn't even bother getting one in the first place...

Even though many people don't necessarily understand why the ever-loving-hell you would purchase a regular rock, (something you can get for free at most parks, beaches, or riverbeds) the company that manufactures these rocks think they're very important.

Made Solid, the company in question, told Buzzfeed their stones are "really cool, labor-intensive objects that are used as everything from paperweights to doorstops to home/display accents."

Paperweights and doorstops I understand, I guess. But if I walked into a home that had a rock wrapped in leather on display on the mantle, I would probably think twice about my hosts, even if they only paid two bucks for it.

Thankfully, like all ridiculous things on the internet, Rock In Leather Pouch created a veritable shitstorm. And it was entertaining. From a parody Twitter account to thousands of outraged reactions, the $85 rock actually proved its worth. 

Be honest with yourself, are you going to splurge on a designer stone this year? It might just be the ultimate treat yo self gift...

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