Mood Ring Hair Dye Is Here And We're Freaking Out!

Mood Ring Hair Dye Is Here And We're Freaking Out!
the Unseen via Giphy

Are you the kind of girl who wants to change her hair color every week? We totally feel you, but also don't want your hair to go crazy with over dying.

But the Unseen has the perfect solution. They've just created a hair dye that changes with the temperature. And this isn't some, "Oh, it goes from light blue to slightly darker blue" kind of stuff. It goes from bright, flame red to straight up black just from a little heat or cold.

That is not CGI, it is all real! Honestly, I've watched this over and over again because the look is so amazing.

The makers of this magical dye were actually inspired by a '90s classic to make this color. While watching The Craft, they thought why not bring a little magic to the real world?

There's a breakdown of the color change in action. The hue shifts so quickly, you can't really tell there's a whole rainbow of colors in there till you break it down. I love this hair every shade of the way.

Since it changes with the temperature, it's just like a mood ring for your hair. So, if you're in a bad mood and your hair goes dark, everyone will know to back the F up!

Before this, the Unseen, run by Lauren Bowker, was a science driven art house. Though she'll still be dedicated to her art and various projects in the future, she's dived into wearable art that's completely unique. 

Plus, this isn't a dye you can just buy anywhere. Bowker invented it herself and it's a total hair dye revolution. Apparently, she was just "messing around" when discovering this dye, so we'll probably be buying a lot more magical beauty products from the Unseen in the future.

Soon enough, it will be available in a few ranges of hues. All will have a dark option, but some will turn into brighter rainbow shades, others more pastel.

Right now, the dye isn't available for retail. According to her website, she's look for a corporate sponsor, so Shark Tank guys, please get on this. 

Honestly, the idea is so, so cool, the dye will fly off the shelves. And at the very least, it will make your blowout a trippy, color shifting experience.

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