Mini S'mores Cereal Recipe

Mini S'mores Cereal Recipe
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Mini cereal recipes have always been reader favorites here on PLSR. We’ve created everything from mini pop-tart cerealmini cinnamon roll cerealmini brownie cerealmini donut cereal, & so many others. We blame our desire to eat dessert for every meal, especially the most important one of the day! So alas we bring to you our latest creation: mini s’more cereal. Just in time for all your summer festivities this delicious breakfast treat is made from Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows, & chopped chocolate. Assembled the way you would naturally create a s’more (sans actual bonfire, we used a long lighter instead for ease) this treat allows you to enjoy s’mores all day long!

This mini s’mores treat can of course be enjoyed on its own. We’d be lying if we didn’t say it took us double the amount of time to make them because we were popping every other one in our mouthes while making them! In milk however they don’t become soggy (we wouldn’t suggest leaving them for hours on end but let’s be realistic here..) which gives it a fun twist on the fact that it’s made with cereal but it essentially is a s’more.

While we enjoyed this batch on our own (1 box of marshmallows & Golden Grahams goes a long way) we could totally envision serving it at a summer get together. A mini s’mores bar? Yes please! Serve it with mini boxes of milk on the side for guests to make mini s’mores cereal with if they choose. It’s the perfect way to update an otherwise typical summer night. Plus their adorable factor will have people talking for days!


  • 1 box Golden Grahams
  • 1 bag mini marshmallows
  • 1 chocolate bar, chopped (1 bar=24 mini s'mores)
  • optional: milk


  1. Break chocolate bar into individual pieces. Chop or break each of those pieces into halves.
  2. Carefully melt one side of each piece of chocolate & place on one Golden Graham so it sticks to that side. Carefully melt one side of the marshmallow & stick it to the chocolate. Carefully melt the other side of the marshmallow & attach it to a second Golden Graham.
  3. Serve in milk or on their own & enjoy!


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