Logging Off Facebook Can Save You Mentally

Logging Off Facebook Can Save You Mentally

We snap, we chat, and we continuously log on to Facebook. Sometimes without even knowing we did so. Checking that everlasting scroll of news articles, status updates and randomness on Facebook has become part of everyday life but according to some actual science, it could be doing us more harm than good. Meaning it’s time to logoff and restore our mental health, y'all.

A legit study published in Cyberphysiology, Behavior, and Social Networking looked at 2,000 people over the course of a week. Half of them quit Facebook cold turkey (those brave souls), and the others went on using it like the rest of us do. Turns out the half that went about their lives without constantly checking to see where their friends and family checked in at dinner, or what sunset they posted were better off. In fact, those who didn’t touch Facebook for a week who were self-proclaimed heavy users said they felt like their well-being and life satisfaction were higher than before. They were also less envious than before.

Which is the most interesting of the study. Less envious. It makes total sense. Say you’re single and not really mingling, and your Facebook is a constant wave of proposals, weddings, and married couples vacationing. That can and will get under one’s skin. The same goes for those not working their dream job, seeing their friends post about raises, vacation homes, fancy new shoes bought with a nice salary. Envy is not a good look, but it comes on too easily when things are always in view. Which can lead to feeling low and yup, that mental health going down.

So listen to the scientists who spent time doing this study and take a break from Facebook for awhile and see how you feel when you’ve gone at least a week without seeing that blue bar atop your screen. Just think what you can fill that time with. You can get a hobby, improve upon yourself, meet up with friends in real life instead of shared posts. The possibilities are endless, but one thing’s for sure; giving up Facebook for a while won’t kill you, but according to science, it’ll make you a bit happier.

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