Constellation Piercings Are The Coolest Piercing Trend Coming Out Of LA Right Now

Constellation Piercings Are The Coolest Piercing Trend Coming Out Of LA Right Now

We're always hunting for new things to try but trendy piercings can be a little tricky. It's obviously a bit more permanent than hair chalk and trends that involve shooting a piercing gun through cartilage makes me wince even when I'm nowhere near the chair (maybe I'm just a baby). So when "constellation piercings" were dubbed the next trend to try by Refinery 29, it was a relief to see you can achieve the look on your lobe. Of course people who are stronger than me can play around with their whole ear!

This look comes from Brian Keith Thompson, owner of Body Electric Tattoo and Piercing in West Hollywood. You may have heard his name before as he's pierced some of our favorite celebrities, like Beyoncé and Bella Thorne. The idea behind the look is that much like a constellation, your ear is a universe where different piercings are asymmetrically distributed. The look often incorporates small, dainty piercings because you need a few to give it that star-inspired look. Explains Brian, "Two doesn’t really make a constellation, but three does."

For people who love statement pieces, you can totally incorporate big jewels into this style! Brian is currently into that look, saying, "Right now, I am really into doing something big paired with something dainty — like a planet and a couple of moons."

The best part about the constellation trend is that between the number of piercings you get, placement, and jewels you pick, no one else will have your exact same look! Brian points out, "This is something that can be unique for every single client. It's not a cookie-cutter piercing trend — and each ear can be styled many ways."

Before running out the door to your closest piercing parlor, Brian has some advice and safety tips. First, keep looking for inspiration! Brian's Instagram has tons of places to start but go into your piercing artist having an idea of what you want. Also, Brian suggests only getting up to three piercings at a time so your ear heals before you start another round. Finally, make sure wherever you go that the studio is clean and professional!

P.S. Don't be afraid to include aliens in your constellation, like above! After all, E.T. was friendly!

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