Ashley Benson Just Launched a Fashion App, & You Need it Now!

Ashley Benson Just Launched a Fashion App, & You Need it Now!
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'PLL' star Ashley Benson, who plays trendy, badass Hanna Marin, just announced her newest fashion-forward project, DAILY VICE, an app dedicated to featuring stylish new jewelry at a fraction of the retail price.

Benson, the app's co-founder and stylist, made the announcement on Instagram last week. She told her followers the app would allow her to "showcase [her] favorite brands, from big names to small, local artists." 

Although it appears the official release of the DAILY VICE brand was in late 2014, since Benson's announcement, she's been hard at work to bring us all those freakin' unbelievable finds.

A while back, Benson shared some of her awesome fashion sense while curating pieces from her own personal collection. Her selections were showcased on the app as part of a capsule collection.

The DAILY VICE app is unique because it's like having your own personal stylist at your fingertips, curating a chic collection of trendsetting finds. Not to mention, Benson's that stylist. The DAILY VICE team showcases a hot new accessory every day at 12pm PST / 3pm ET, all at amazingly affordable deals. 

Like, really affordable.

But followers are forced to act fast - the deal is only available for 24 hours, and popular items tend to sell out. 

The app also offers a ton of discounts: 25% off for enabling push notifications, 50% off for inviting 5 friends to join DAILY VICE, and a 50% off loyalty token after 5 purchases.

Past brands featured on DAILY VICE include: Steve Madden, Tom Ford, and House of Harlow. Last week, followers could purchase a necklace by Katie Dean Jewelry that Jenna Dewan Tatum was seen wearing. Buyers snagged it for $33 - a whopping 49% discount.

Take a look at some of the app's past daily deals below: 

Currently sold out, the price of this Fall Pyrite Necklace was slashed by 58%. DAILY VICE followers got it for $19. 

And the price-point on this Pot of Gold Ring Set by JULES SMITH was $25, a 50% discount. Ladies, take a page from our favorite Little Liars and dish these rings out to your squad.

And lastly, this charming little Bangle Gang Addition was only $35.

Be thankful you discovered this app just in time for all that holiday shopping! As a matter of fact, why wait? *downloading app now* ... *holiday shopping for myself*

You can download DAILY VICE in the app store, and follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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