6 High School Movies We'll Watch Forever

6 High School Movies We'll Watch Forever

Whether you're a nervous freshman, a curious sophomore, a hardworking junior, an "over it" senior, or a nostalgic alum, high school is simply the BEST! Between the ups and downs, meaningful friendships, crazy parties, and way too much homework, high schools offers a once-in-a-lifetime journey you'll never forget. Hit up a friend this weekend and enjoy one of these fabulous flicks to either celebrate where you're at in life right now, or look back on fond memories.

The Breakfast Club

The classic 1985 John Hughes hit may just be the quintessential high school movie. The film has aged well, dealing with themes like friendship, fitting in, and growing up that modern day high schoolers will totally relate to. See the film that launched the Brat Pack and why it was Jesse's favorite film in Pitch Perfect

The beloved hit "Don't You (Forget About Me)" featured at the end of The Breakfast Club starts at 1:06.


Did you think we'd leave this '90s classic off our list? As if?! Cher Horowitz is the sweet queen bee of Beverly Hills High. Take a leap back in time as you watch young versions of megastars Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Paul Rudd, and the late, great Brittany Murphy in her breakout role.

American Pie

While it's certainly the raunchiest on our list, American Pie packs a lot of heart for a film about boys trying to lose their virginities before graduation. Ultimately, it's a film about high school friendships, and how time passes you by before you know it. It reminds us to make the most of these awesome four years. It's crude. It's gross. It's hilarious. It's sweet. In two words, it's high school

Mean Girls

12 years later, this movie is still fetch as ever! Mean Girls communicates such an honest truth about high school - it's hard. There are cliques. There's growing up. There's gossip. But, as this hilarious movie progresses, we learn that high school is really about figuring out who you are and just owning it. Is anyone else super stoked about the upcoming musical?!

High School Musical

The movie's opening number begins with, "This could be the start of something new," and it truly was. High School Musical became a worldwide phenomenon that launched the career of box-office hottie Zac Efron. While we loved the sequels, nothing quite measures up to the magic of the original. It's a film about embracing all the different parts of who you are and "breaking free" from any stereotypes that hold you back. 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Different in tone than the other films listed, Perks of a Wallflower deals with the darker underbelly of adolescence. With mesmerizing performances from Logan Lerman, Emma Waston, and Ezra Miller, this film is a must-see. But fair warning: have the tissues ready. You'll certainly go through a full range of feelings during this emotionally-charged story.

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