YASSSS! We Are All Going To Be Able To Stream Disney Movies On Hulu In 2017!

YASSSS! We Are All Going To Be Able To Stream Disney Movies On Hulu In 2017!
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Hulu this week announced a new deal with Disney which sees the streaming giant gaining exclusive rights to stream a sizable collection of Disney movies.

In total, over 50 titles will become available on Hulu in the months ahead.

Shot's fired at Netflix no doubt, but Disney does own a stake in Hulu ya know. 

Here are 10 of our favorites coming to the streaming service in 2017!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This Tim Burton classic is fun to watch year round.


This throwback circa 1998 features voices from Eddie Murphy and Donnie Osmond and the heart-tugging  power ballad Disney's cross-cultural retelling of a Japanese folktale.

Air Bud

This classic flick about a runaway circus dog turned high school basketball star will take you straight back to the 90s.


This action flick starring Nicholas Cage has a star-studded cast including John Cusak and Dave Chappelle.

This film serves as a great history lesson the entire family can enjoy.

Romy & Michele's High School Reunion

The choreographed dance scene in Romy & Michelle is just so classic. Watch to find out what happens when two 28-year-olds attempt to quickly get their s*** together after slacking off in the ten years since they graduated from high school. 

The Mighty Ducks

This 90's trilogy can boldly claim the title of one of the best sports films of all time. Don't believe me? Just watch! Coming to Hulu in 2017.

The Emperor's New Groove

This Disney animated film featuring the voices of David Spade and John Goodman is about a teenage Incan Emperor who get's taught a humbling lesson after behaving like a spoiled brat. 

Muppet Treasure Island

This musical adventure comedy is the story of a  young orphan released on VHS back in '96.

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