Why You Should Ask Your Guy Friends For Relationship Advice

Why You Should Ask Your Guy Friends For Relationship Advice

Quick question. How many male friends do you have? Wait, before you answer, we mean platonic male friends. And by that we mean, neither of you have romantic or sexual history with each other. Neither of you are attracted to one another either (you can find someone attractive and not be attracted to them). You trust each other completely and you know that when you offer up relationship advice, there’s no ulterior motive or shadiness lurking around.

There’s a bit more to the list, but for the most part, this is how we qualify a platonic male relationship. If you have even one or two of these in your life, count your blessings! They can be real lifesavers especially when you’re wondering how to get into a man’s mind. Plus, they’re not like your girlfriends. Girls sometimes have the tendency to see things how they want them to be, not how they are.

That’s why we’re HUGE FANS of going to guy friends for relationship advice. If you’ve never really thought about doing that before, here are some solid reasons why you should consult them before your girls...next time.

They Know How Men Think

OK, so your ex calls you up. Mind you, you haven’t heard from dude in like a year. But now he’s slippin’ into your DMs. You really did love this guy, so you ask your girlfriends if this means what you think it means. 8 times outta 10 (because they are girls too) they are going to tell you just what you want to hear: “Girl, you know what means he’s in love with you, right?!” Meanwhile your guy friends are going to be somewhere in the lane of “In your DMs?! Sorry. That’s a booty call.” Based on the time of day and what he says, don’t ignore their insight. They’re probably right. And how do they know? Because 8 times out of 10, they were slippin’ into someone’s DMs when you texted them about it.

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