These Teens Made Sure 2016 Was A Year To Remember For Some Extraordinary Reasons

These Teens Made Sure 2016 Was A Year To Remember For Some Extraordinary Reasons
Nathaniel Wood

Whitney Houston said it best: the children are our future. Lucky for us, the kids prove that they're more than alright every day all across the internet. In a year filled with what seemed to be a constant stream of horrifying news popping into our timelines, these teens brought some much-needed warm, hilarious, wacky, heartwarming beams of light. Let's take a look ten of the highlights.

1. The girl who summed up our 2016 feelings perfectly.

17-year-old Harpreet Nijjar made us LOL and say "same" when she opened up her book to study for final exams and promptly said "absolutely not." We feel you, girl.

2. This high school-school-stunner-turned-Covergirl.

James Charles inspired us all to be unapologetically extra when he brought his own ring light to his senior photos to make sure that his beautfiful highlight popped juuuuust right. No wonder he's the first (flawless!) male face of Covergirl.

3. The boy who said 'no' to his parents' homophobic disapproval...

...and secretly took his boyfriend to prom. Myren and his boyfriend inspired with their bravery when they refused to miss out on prom night together because of their parents' (and some of their classmates') disapproval. “When we were dancing together I teared up some because there were times where I never thought we would go to prom...but there we were," he told Buzzfeed. There they were indeed, and looked so dapper at that. Go Myren!

4. The sweet boyfriend who got his face beat so that his girlfriend could afford Coachella tickets.

When 17-year-old Tatyanna Snyder couldn't afford to go to Coachella, her boyfriend, 18-year-old Jordan Shetrone offered to lend her the money. She refused, so he decided to help her out with the cutest, most supportive loophole. Since Snyder is a makeup artist, he booked an appointment for himself with all the bells, whistles, and highlight and paid her for her services. First of all, how beautiful does he look? Secondly, how lovely of this guy who clearly has no respect for musty old gender norms to make Snyder's Coachella dreams come true by supporting her craft? The kids are definitely more than alright.

5. The Finnish teen who invented the sad Kermit meme spread 'round the web.

17-year-old Pinja Sovaleinen found her mom's vintage Kermit puppet laying around the house, and the rest was sad, vulnerable, sometimes devastatingly beautiful history.

6. The girl who schooled us on the perfect way to respond to "send nudes" texts.

Let us all embody the clever hilarity of 16-year-old Reese Hebert in 2017, who inspired women and girls everywhere who are unsure how to answer annoying guys' texts with this iconic response to a shower pic request.

7. When Gaten Matarrazo opened up about his disability...

...and helped destigmatize cleidocranial dysplasia that much more.

8. This teen who got an invite to Thanksgiving out of a text mistake.

When Jamal Hinton got a text from "grandma," he stumbled into the cutest text exchange of the year, got us into the Thanksgiving spirit, and cracked us up.

9. The girl who wore the orgy shirt anyway.

When life (or, your mum) hands you a Vivienne Westwood t-shirt that turns out to be depicting a massive orgy rather than a squiggly line pattern, you wear it anyway! Or, you do if you're 18-year-old Katie, love the shirt, and don't care either way. 

10. The girl who perfectly summed up how frustrating it is to be a girl on the internet.

When 17-year-old Cat posted a photo of her new headphones, the last thing she expected was a creepy message from a guy about them. But alas, this is the internet, and being a girl doing ANYthing here comes with the constant threat of creeps or worse. So, Cat posted this brilliant photo and caption to sum up just how problematic it is to blame women and girls for the sexual harassment they receive daily on the internet, and it reached thousands of people. Bravo, Cat.

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