These Are The Skincare Products Ashley Benson Swears By

These Are The Skincare Products Ashley Benson Swears By
Ashley Benson via Instagram

When it comes to being on an uber-popular television show like Pretty Little Liars, 12-hour workdays in makeup is part of the job description, which can wreak havoc on skin. Ashley Benson, who plays fierce fashionista Hanna Marin, has been totally transparent in sharing her skin struggles, as well as her secrets for a flawless complexion. Want to glow like Benzo? We've rounded up five of the skincare products that make her must-have list:

Differin Gel

In January, Benzo announced she was partnering with Differin. The new Differin Gel is the first prescription-strength retinoid cream available over-the-counter. And, Ashley swears by the stuff.

Benzo dished to Bustle's Kelli Acciardo why she loves Differin:

"Being in the industry and working and having makeup on 24/7, I finally found something that works for my skin," she explained. "I have super sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate me at all. It takes away the acne and prevents it from coming back."

In fact, Ashley makes Differin part of her daily skin routine. Each morning, after a light face wash, she applies the gel in an effort to halt breakouts before they happen. 

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