Start The New Year Right With These Organizing Tips

Start The New Year Right With These Organizing Tips

New Year's resolutions only work when you aim for something achievable, something you can work at every day. Many people will declare this as the year they start getting organized, which is definitely something you can get slowly better at throughout the year. Whether it's getting your life, home, or school work organized, we have a little bit of everything for everyone to help them get on the right track.

Unsubscribe to Email Blasts

If you never read certain emails, get rid of them for good by taking a little time to hit every unsubscribe link in your inbox.

Save, Toss, Donate

Grab a few boxes, label them “save,” “toss” and “donate” and go through your closet now. You know there are shirts you haven’t worn since high school, shoes that haven’t fit since junior high and things you bought for no reason at all. Time to clear some space.

Jazz Up the Junk Drawer

Every home has that elusive junk drawer filled with everything from a random dog leash to multiple batteries of various sizes. To fix that, get little bins so that when you open it, it’s less chaotic and more pleasing to look at.

Shape Up the Shower Caddy

Instead of having all these large and in charge bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soap - get some bottles that are all uniform in shape and size. It will not only keep things tidier in the shower BUT it’ll look very chic.

Never Lose an Earring Again

You can save yourself a lot of time and money if you get yourself a couple of ice cube trays for a buck each, and start storing your jewelry in them.

Make Art with Excessive Scarves

Whether you fold them up and put them in a wine holder, or display them on a rope - putting them out like this helps to keep them in order AND makes them a great talking point in your home.

Invest in a File Folder

They aren’t just for CEOs. You can be a boss lady with your own. Plus it helps when you need to find medical info, bank statements for taxes and so forth and so on. It’s time to take them from an old shoebox stuffed under the bed, and into something more official.

One Planner Only

People get overwhelmed with the idea of getting their lives and homes organized and often make notes everywhere. Big mistake. Have one planner be it on paper or in your phone - and stick to that ONE.
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