'Pretty Little Liars' Stars Dish On The Show's Finale: It's A 'Love Letter To The Fans'

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As you probably know very, very well, Pretty Little Liars will air its pretty little SERIES FINALE in just a few short weeks (*sobs dramatically*). While we're all DYING to know how the show will answer all our lingering questions about the liars' fate — and Lord knows there are a lot — having everything spoiled ahead of time would ruin all the fun. 

Thankfully, though, the cast appeared on Good Morning America Tuesday to give us some clues about what we can expect in Pretty Little Liars Endgame (and how they're coping with post-PLL life). Here's what we learned...

1. Wrapping up the show has been "so surreal."

1. Wrapping up the show has been "so surreal."

"It's really bizarre," Lucy Hale tells GMA host Robin Roberts. "We wrapped filming in October, but we still knew we had this week of press (leading up to the season premiere) ... So this is sort of our last shebang, our last time being all together for a while. It's very weird." 

Now would've been about the time they'd go back to filming on the next season, if there was one in the works, she added. 😭

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