Only 20-Something Girls Can Relate To These Constant Struggles

Only 20-Something Girls Can Relate To These Constant Struggles

I know the challenges 20 something year old's face; I am one! Whether it's the fear of dying alone, not having enough money to buy your favorite Starbucks drink, or being constantly tired, I get it. 

Being a girl, in your 20's, is hard and I don't think people understand the constant struggles we face on a daily basis. Which is why I've decided to share them. 

I hope this reminds my fellow 20-something's that you're not alone, we're all struggling with you!

Everyone's Getting Married, But You

Everywhere you look, someone's either having a baby or getting married. Except you, of course. You're single. 

You Still Need Your Mom's Advice

You're a strong, independent woman and you don't need help from anyone! With that said, you still call your mom for advice on what to buy at the grocery store. 

Partying Is No Longer Fun

You wait all week for the weekend. But when it comes, you don't want to do anything but sleep, eat, and watch Netflix. 

You Don't Just Want To "Hook Up."

You're not looking for casual sex anymore! You want a real adult relationship with a guy you could actually have a future with. 

You Can't Find A Guy Willing To Commit

The last 5 dates you've gone on have been with man whores. Single, good looking, funny, smart, and kind heterosexual men don't seem to grow on trees. Damn.

You Don't Have Any Money

All your money goes to rent, groceries, and other nonsense bills. You don't have the funds to buy things you actually want. Like, alcohol, alcohol, and more ALCOHOL.

You Hate Your Job

You could quit, but then you'd probably die of starvation. 

Social Media Makes You Sad

You can't look on Snapchat without throwing a low key fit. It seems like everyone and their mother is happy and living life to the fullest - while you just sit on your couch watching SVU. 

You Hate Talking To People

You'd prefer to not talk to people, they exhaust you!

You Try, But Fail To Go To The Gym

You have a gym membership, but you've only been there once. You always say you'll go after work, but once that clock strikes 5 p.m., you turn back into a couch potato who vomits at the word, "exercise." 

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