Is It Time For You And Your Best Friend To Break Up?

Is It Time For You And Your Best Friend To Break Up?

Best friends are a blessing. They really and truly are. If you have a really good one, they almost seem like family. At the same time, one mistake that far too many of us make is assuming that since we’ve known someone for a long time, they should hold the coveted and honorable title of “best friend” forever.

Translation: Just because someone is currently your best friend, that doesn’t mean that they always will be—or even deserve to be.

For something (or one) to be “the best," it needs to be “of the highest quality” and “the most suitable." There needs to be traits and characteristics that surpasses all of the rest.

If lately—and by that, we mean for at least around the past six months or so—your best friend hasn’t been fitting the bill, as much as we hate to break it to you, it might be time for a best friend breakup.

Just how can you be sure?

You’re Fighting More Than Usual

Something that’s cool about having a best friend is that they are the one person you can relax and be your total self with. That's why, if the two of you have been fighting like cats and dogs, you should pay close attention. 

You’re not going to get along with anyone all of the time. But if the disagreements are increasing, it usually means one of two things—either there is something that needs to be discussed that you’re both avoiding or you’re outgrowing each other and don’t want to admit it.

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