Here's How To Tell If He's A Boyfriend Or Just A Hook Up

Here's How To Tell If He's A Boyfriend Or Just A Hook Up

It can be hard to know if you're in a relationship or not. 

Unless you're in 7th grade, a guy probably won't ask you to be his girlfriend. Sometimes we're left guessing, wondering whether or not he's a boyfriend, a friends with benefits, or something in between. I know some of you can relate to this struggle, which is why I've complied this cheat sheet. 

If you ever find yourself wondering if the special guy in your life is more than just a hook up, keep these things in mind. If anything on this list sounds familiar, he's your boyfriend. Yay! 

You Leave Things At His Place

He leaves his toothbrush at your place and you have your own drawer at his. You're basically roommates. Really really close roommates.

His Family Feels Like Your Family

You're always hanging out with his family. His parents, siblings, even his grandparents know who you are! His mom and dad have welcomed you into the family with open arms and you're very comfortable with them.

Your Friends Consider Him Your Boyfriend

You guys usually hang out with other couples. And there's never any awkwardness. Everyone around you just assumes you two are boyfriend and girlfriend. Even your bestie considers him your BF!

You Don't Wear Makeup Around Him

You don't feel like you have to look your best around him. He's seen you at your worst and he's still around. You rarely take the time to put on makeup when you two are hanging out.

You Really Know Each other

You both know each other very well. He knows your favorite Starbucks order and you know which football teams he hates. It's clear that you two spend a considerable amount of time together.

You Don't Have To Sleep Together

Your relationship goes past having sex. Sometimes, you guys just sit in bed and talk. Not everything is physical between you two. 

He's Always There For You

Whenever you need him, he's there for you. He's more than a boyfriend, he's your best friend. You never have to worry about him cancelling plans. You trust him because you know he cares about you!

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