'A' Has Spent An Obscene Amount Of Money Tormenting The 'Pretty Little Liars' Crew

'A' Has Spent An Obscene Amount Of Money Tormenting The 'Pretty Little Liars' Crew

If "A" wasn't, you know, actively trying to torture someone at any given moment, we might actually be impressed with his/her time management skills — because there's almost no way they'd be able to afford to threaten the Pretty Little Liars girls all the time without having two 9-to-5s and a side hustle on the weekends.

Teen Vogue expertly broke down all of the times Original "A," Big "A," and Uber "A" antagonized the crew and then calculated how much it cost — right down to the stamps "A" used to send "gifts" via mail. Let's just say this little passion project of his/hers ain't cheap:

"Gifts" to the girls: $140

Fun fact: At $20, a cow tongue is one of the more expensive cuts of beef. "A" isn't stingy!

When you add that to the cost of a custom necklace made out of human teeth, a DIY snow globe, and a post-car crash gift box including a book on home repair, a $50 gift card, and duct tape, you're at about $140.

Postage to mail said gifts: $150

Teen Vogue calculated that if "A" mails his/her gifts about five times per season, and only sends things locally at $5 per package, they spend a total of $150 on postage throughout the six aired seasons.

Outfits for "A's" henchwomen: $300

If you figure that a chic trench coat runs about $100 and a black lace veil goes for about $50, the Red Coat and Black Widow outfits each ran "A" about $150 — so $300 total.

Embalming a human body: $893

So decomposing human bodies... smell. A bit.

After Ali's grave was dug up and "A" began sending the girls items from her casket, he/she had to have preserved Ali's body somehow. According to Teen Vogue, doing so would've cost nearly $900.

Multiple "A" uniforms: $975

If each person who played "A" bought ten black hoodies and five pairs of leather gloves to wear — hey, even "A" has to do laundry — they'd collectively spend about $975.

All those creepy dolls: $1,300

Customized porcelain dolls: $150 each

Customized ragdolls: $95 each

Barbie-like dolls: $15 each

Assuming "A" had three sets of the PLL girls for each type of doll, his/her doll budget would be about $1,300.

Travel: $1,800

"A" has followed the girls to New York City and even London; when you add up all of his/her bus, train, and plane tickets, you're at about $1,800.

That custom Black Swan costume for Melissa: $2,000

"A" didn't go to any ol' department store for that look; based on the average cost of a custom costume, Teen Vogue figured it cost him/her about $2,000 to get Melissa's Masquerade Ball outfit made.

A boatload of latex masks: $3,000


If each one cost about $300 — they are custom, after all — "A" would have spent three grand on his/her entire collection.

Computers and software: $3,700

So much hacking, so little time. If the "As" (Mona, CeCe, and "Uber A"):

1. Each have military-grade laptops ($1,000 each);

2. Each add surveillance software to their computers ($200 each); and 

3. One of them uses a paper shredder (about $100) to shred Paul Varjak's documents, 

they'd have spent $3,700 on tech gear altogether.

Cell phones: $7,805

Throughout the series, "A" has used:

  • a Motorola Bravo ($70);
  • a Motorola Droid ($100);
  • an iPhone 4s ($140);
  • an iPhone 5 ($200);
  • an iPhone 6 ($545); and
  • a burner phone that comes with a prepaid plan ($30).

Supposing each of phones (besides the burner) comes with an $80/month plan, 84 months of tormenting the PLL girls would add up to just over $7,800 in cell phone expenses for "A."

Mona's digs at the Lost Woods Resort: $38,000

Living in a motel for at least two years isn't exactly the most economical housing plan. If you figure Mona paid about $45 per night — that's the average cost of a motel room in the area — and add in the cost of her fancy toy dollhouse ($140), her surveillance equipment (about $5,000), and developing her hundreds of pictures (about $10 per roll), Teen Vogue estimates she spent about $38,000 on her lair.

Car expenses: $160,374

Here's where things get pretty nuts — not that they weren't already. Let's break it all down:

  • There are three "As" who have cars: Mona, CeCe, and "Uber A."
  • The average compact car costs about $20K, and if each "A" has used two cars, that's $120,000 on the cars alone.
  • Each "A" also has to buy insurance, gas, and maintain their car, which adds up to about $6,729 per year. 
  • Since Mona spent 2 years as "A," CeCe spent 3 years as "A," and "Uber A" has been around for about a year, they each spent $13,458, $20,187, and $6,729 (respectively) on their insurance/gas/maintenance.

When you add all that up, you get a combined total of $160,374 — more than the average cost of a four-year degree at a private college.

The dollhouse: $222,329

Can you imagine what this "A" (a.k.a. Charlotte) could do with all the money she spent on the dollhouse alone? 

Since it's built underground and decked out with all sorts of custom features, you've gotta assume that Charlotte built the whole house from scratch — and that's at least 200 grand.

If you factor in the cost of  furniture for each of the five PLL girls' rooms plus the game room, that's another $1,500. And then you've got all the fun stuff ("fun" is a relative word, here): 

  • $4,384 for a working surgical station;
  • $45 for each of the girls' microchips;
  • $200 for each of the girls' prom dresses plus $150 to rent a tux;
  • $1,600 for an electric fence;
  • $970 for a film projector and a screen;
  • $750 for a paging amplifier;
  • $250 for "prom" decorations; and 
  • $4,000 for a sprinkler system.

That all adds up to $222,329. 😱

Which brings our grand total to...



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