9 Homemade Coffees That Will Get You Through Next Semester

9 Homemade Coffees That Will Get You Through Next Semester
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We could talk for hours about how drinking coffee everyday of your life may not be the best choice you could make. But we live in the real world and we fully understand that coffee is an essential part of the lives of college kids and young professionals everywhere. 

Coffee is one of the only things in the world that allows your late nights to lead to early mornings with a minimum amount of stress and strife. 

Frosty Frappuccinos, sophisticated lattes, even straight black. It doesn't really matter how you take your coffee or where you prefer to buy it from, those tasty beans are total life savers. 

In an effort to help you save tons of time and money as well as the stress of waiting in those super long coffee shop lines we have compiled a list of our favorite homemade coffee recipes. 

Simple enough to you can make them in minutes but cool enough to flaunt for the gram, you won't want to pass these drinks up. 

1. Iced Eggnog Lattes

1. Iced Eggnog Lattes

Christmas may be over but the winter season is well underway, which makes the consumption of eggnog totally acceptable. 

A simple store bought eggnog is combined with a decadent brown sugar espresso to create this indulgent latte. 

Find the recipe at How Sweet It Is

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