8 Dating Rules You Should Go Ahead And Ignore

8 Dating Rules You Should Go Ahead And Ignore

Dating rules are stupid. Sorry, but someone had to say it!

There shouldn't be rules for dating. Every relationship is different, and following the same advice over and over again, won't always work. 

Think about it. Have you ever waited to text a guy back? Or, declined his first date offer? Have you ever played hard to get? Of course you have. We all have. But, have those games gotten you the guy? Noooo!

Don't get me wrong, following certain dating rules can work (keyword: can). They've worked in my favor before. But only a couple of times, and with guys who turned out to be complete jerks. 

Which leads me to my point: Dating rules are pointless and they don't help you fall in love (at least, not with the right guys). 

Here are 8 dating rules that you should delete from your memory and never use again.

Don't Kiss On The First Date

Why shouldn't you? If the date's going good and you want to kiss him, you should kiss him!

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