7 Ways To Cut A Basic T-shirt Into A Totally New Top

7 Ways To Cut A Basic T-shirt Into A Totally New Top

How many unisex T-shirts are you hoarding in your closet right now? It seems like a waste to throw out a shirt where you love the design but not the fit, yet you probably have at least a dozen event tees that you never wear. Thankfully, people craftier than me have shared their tricks on how to restyle an old shirt with just a pair of scissors! 

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes

This easy but adorable tutorial comes from Brit + Co. Simply cut the shoulders, neck, and bottom of the shirt just past the seams. Fold over the bottom half and cut triangles, about two inches, that will turn into diamonds when you unfold it! You can experiment with other shapes, just remember whatever you make when it's folded will mirror when it's unfolded!

Creative Cuts

Sometimes you don't need to do a massive overhaul of a shirt to make it look cooler! This easy cutting style is just cutting slits all over your shirt that gives it an edgy look. Lightly tug the holes you create with your fingers to soften the edges of the slits. Wear a fun bralette under that will peek through the cracks. This is also a great fix for a shirt you stained because you can simply cut that out!

Lace Up A Sweatshirt

Sometimes sweatshirts can be a bit bulky but this design brings your look from boxy to chic. Cut a V-neck triangle below the hemline (don't cut into the stitching). Then, cut small holes down the sides, matching them up across each other. Get ribbon or string and thread it through the holes like shoelaces. Just make sure you tie inside of your shirt at the bottom so you don't see the knot!

Creative Crop Tops

Instead of slashing off the bottom of your shirt and calling it a day, invest a bit more time and you can make a music festival worthy top! For this look, cut off the bottom of the shirt a few inches longer than where you want the crop to end. Cut strips upward to that point, about a half inch each, and make sure you have an even number. Take two strands, knot them together, and continue until you have gone all around the shirt. Now, go around again and knot a strip from each pair to a strip from the neighboring pair! You can do this as many times as you want and also play around with cutting off the collar, sleeves, or shoulder of the shirt.

Play With The Back

This is an easy way to bring out a shirt that you shrunk in the washing machine. Cut the bottom of the shirt off just past the seams (and the neck, if you want to do that also). Then cut lines across the back of the shirt, trying to keep them about evenly spaced out. Once you have them all cut out, grab each side and tug. The strips you've created will start to soften at the edges and roll, creating a shirt yarn. The more you pull, the tighter they will get and droop in the back! Cut the sleeves off if you want, too!

Braid The Back

If you want to play with the back of your shirt even more, follow the tutorial above but when you cut off the bottom of the shirt, make sure you cut another half inch or so past the seam. Cut another half inch carefully off the shirt. Take your first separate piece you just cut, the one with the hem, and carefully cut the hem off. You should now have two loops of t-shirt fabric with no stitching. If you tug on them, they will start to make a tight t-shirt yard. Simply cut the loop to make it a string of that t-shirt yarn. You can follow the rest of the tutorial from the previous shirt in this listicle, but now you have t-shirt yard to weave or braid into it!

Make One Large Braid

To accomplish this, keep the neck in tact but cut the sleeves off. In the back, cut further inward and as low as you want the arm holes to be. Make sure you are leaving a middle section. Cut that off from the neckline and cut so it has three strips. Braid from the bottom up to the top. If you have a sewing machine or needle and thread, you can cleanly reattach this to the neck. If not, just tie it over the neckline and add a bow to hide the tie!

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