5 Ways To Know You Are In A Good Relationship With Yourself

5 Ways To Know You Are In A Good Relationship With Yourself
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Do you often feel drained, angry, or resentful? Are you vibrant, energized, and grateful? Do you feel guilty for doing anything nice for yourself, or do you assess and prioritize your needs daily? If the former is more often true than the latter, then it is time to start working on building a better relationship with yourself.

What does it mean to have a good, healthy relationship with yourself? It basically means you embrace everything about yourself. Is this something you do? 

If you aren't sure about where you stand, here are five ways to know that you are in a good relationship with yourself:

Using these tips will help you get on the road to loving you!

You Practice Self-Care Regularly

As women, we are the caregivers and nurturers for the people we love. But, how often do we forget to turn that inwards? When you are in a good relationship with yourself, you make self-care a priority. You might make regular appointments to see your hair stylist or get a facial once a month. Regular exercise or yoga meditation might be your preferred way to show yourself some love. You may enjoy naps or even delicious healthy meals on a daily basis. Whatever it is, you choose to do something good for yourself everyday. 

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