5 Fitness and Wellness Tricks You Can Steal From 'PLL' Star Shay Mitchell

5 Fitness and Wellness Tricks You Can Steal From 'PLL' Star Shay Mitchell
Carlos Serrao

Whether it's on-set or in the gym, actress Shay Mitchell knows a thing or two about kicking Ass. See what I did there?

Known for her role as Emily Fields in the insanely addictive television series Pretty Little Liars, Mitchell is always on-the-go.

But despite her busy schedule, Mitchell has managed to keep fitness a top priority. And, believe me, she slays at the gym. Need proof? 

Mitchell snagged this month's coveted SELF magazine cover—looking fierce as ever—and dished on some of her tricks for staying strong, physically and mentally. And they're all totally doable.


Mitchell told SELF that she aims for 12,000 steps a day.

“Walk, walk, walk, walk," she said. "Trainer Harley Pasternak gave me a Fitbit, and he’s like, ‘If you don’t get 12,000 steps, I don’t care how many workouts you do in a day.’”

As a personal trainer, I'd advise beginners to set a smaller goal. If 12,000 steps seems difficult to tackle, aim for 7,000 steps a day, at first, which is a great place to start for healthy beginners. For most people, that averages out to about 3 miles.

Additionally, the Fitbit Zip is a great activity tracker to get any fitness enthusiast moving. While it doesn't have all the bells and whistles, it's affordable and gets the job done. 

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