5 '90s Remakes We Low Key Can't Wait To See

5 '90s Remakes We Low Key Can't Wait To See

Have you ever tried to think of an original idea of a TV show or a movie? It's hard. Like really, really hard. So we can't possibly be mad at studios when they decide that sometimes it's just easier to take a look in the past and bring it forward to the now. Look at that Odd Couple show on CBS. That was as show way back when our parents were kids, it became a movie in the '90s and now it's a series all over again because the plot works. And what do they say when something isn't broke? Don't fix it! Going back to the idea of the '90s, have you noticed how many TV shows and movies from that time are coming back? It has us feeling incredibly nostalgic and while we had our reservations at first, we're looking forward to seeing how they make anew.


First off, RIP Robin Williams. He was like our old man BFF as kids, and it's incredibly hard to imagine this movie without him. It is, however, getting revamped, and our nerves were settled when we saw Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart were going to be in this one together. We loved them in Central Intelligence and can't imagine them screwing this one up. While it already looks like it's taking a completely different route than the original, we can at least rest easy that'll be insanely hilarious.

Hey Arnold!

This is not necessarily a remake as much as it is a reboot. You know, like they did with The Powerpuff Girls. Only the animation won't be that different. The only thing that may change is what they deal with. Hello, they're in 2016. Could there be an all out friendship divide over those who favor Snapchat over Instagram?

Power Rangers

The first movie is pure gold! The Rangers not only got amazing ninja outfits, but their regular suits got an insane upgrade as well. They also went to the deserted planet where the only resident seemed to be a half-naked lady with magical sticks. Fast forward to March 2017 and it's not that movie that's getting a makeover, it's the actual origin story. Word has it we'll see how Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Zack went from teenagers with attitude to the Power Rangers. What would make this movie even better was if the original Rangers popped up as random characters like the OG cast of 21 Jump Street did in Channing and Jonah's version. If we can't have the originals though, I guess we'll be fine with the surprising star studded cast that already includes Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, The Hunger Games' Elizabeth Banks and the always hilarious Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader

Legends of the Hidden Temple

The best thing about this movie is that you can watch it from the comfort of your own home! Made for TV and coming this fall, Nickelodeon is delivering a tale based on one of their most popular game shows from the '90s. Not like a Behind the Music type deal, oh no. There is an actual plot that has kids being taken inside a legit Temple Run, complete with Temple Guards and everything.


Who else had the Baywatch Barbie that came with a dolphin for some strange reason? Amazing toys aside, this show was extremely dramatic for child minds and we likely didn't get a lot of the jokes and plots back then. So it will be a bit of a refresher course when um, Dwayne Johnson (how many movies is this guy in?) takes the lead where David Hasselhoff left off. Plus, Zac Efron will likely be shirtless 99.9% of the time. I repeat, Zac Efron will likely be shirtless 99.9% of the time.

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