16 TV Shows That Owned 2016

16 TV Shows That Owned 2016

Whether you were watching on the edge of your seat week to week, or spending a weekend nestled in with Netflix binging you were watching a year filled with great television. But which were the absolute best? We're breaking that down right now.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

After we fell in love last year, we could not wait to see what Titus Andromedon had in store for us this time around. As expected, we were quoting this show the rest of the year!

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Does she or doesn’t she prove that more women belong in late night?


Emmy Rossum was a total boss, and we couldn’t help but cry our eyes over that season finale.

The Last Man on Earth

How they’re able to blend comedy with gut wrenching drama week after week continues to amaze us. Plus there’s we cannot wait to see the babies that are on board in this postapocalyptic world.

RuPaul’s Drag: Race All Stars

Still not over Roxxxy Andrews making it to the top four, but we’ll continue to come back for more next time around.


An unexpected delight from ABC. Such a cute family comedy that continues to make our hearts smile weekly.

Orange is the New Black

New inmates, new guards, and even more drama that had us hooked back in June.


While we’re still trying to figure some things out when it comes to the hosts, that robotic realm was downright addicting.

Pretty Little Liars

The revelation that this would be the last run, and the fact that there’s an Uber A out there - say what?!

Bob’s Burgers

Tina Belcher continued to be hero to us all be it when she was riding an imaginary horse or singing about sex-ed.

Baby Daddy

The love triangle was finally put to rest, Tucker continued to be a comedic gem and a new baby made their way into the scheme of things.

New Girl

Who’s that girl? Who’s that girl? It’s still Jess and we’re still completely in love with her and the rest of the gang after all these years. Especially now that one of our favorite ships on the show has tied the knot.

The Walking Dead

One word. Negan. Enough said.

Stranger Things

No matter what kind of shows you love, this was one you fell hard for. It appealed to all of us. Plus, Team Barb!

Broad City

The episode where they recreated the final scene from Sister Act 2 was enough to make it one of our most TV favorites this year!

This Is Us

Tissue sales went up because of this show because there was never a dry eye when watching this family’s drama unfold.
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