10 Things Only Baby-Faced Girls Will Understand

10 Things Only Baby-Faced Girls Will Understand
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Everybody ages. That goes without saying. Most people look in accordance to their age, and there are those who look younger beyond belief. These people usually have a baby face. 

What's a baby face you ask? Simply speaking, it's when someone's facial features make them appear younger than they actually are. Having a baby face is both a blessing and a curse. While some people are trying to get rid of their wrinkles, you still look as youthful as ever. But then again, since you look younger, you don't get taken seriously, and it can get frustrating at times.

But do the cons outweigh the pros? Or is it the other way around? Here are some things only baby-faced ladies can relate to.

You get carded everywhere you go.

You don't even get surprised anymore when a bouncer or bartender asks for your ID. In fact, you'd be the first to whip it out.

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