10 Easy Outfits to Try For When You Sleep Through Your Alarm

10 Easy Outfits to Try For When You Sleep Through Your Alarm

Ugh. How can anyone be a morning person? Obviously whoever created the snooze button wasn't! Some mornings, it's just plain hard to wake up. And when you're a stylish chica who likes showing off your fashionable wardrobe, sleeping through your alarm puts a damper in that plan.

But it's all good, because there are plenty of ways to throw yourself together when you're on a time crunch that will still leave you looking and feeling like the confident girl you are!

Ripped & Ready

Grab those ripped jeans, a comfy tee and some sandals, and you're ready to go. This look isn't glamorous, but it works when you're in a rush. Throw your hair up in a top knot to keep the IDGAF theme going.

Casual in Heels

It's easy to throw on a pair of jeans and a basic tee. Grab a pair of heels to dress your look up, and don't worry about styling your hair. The casual ensemble and dressy heels will give you all the attention you need.

Overall Dress

If you are lucky enough to wake up late with your legs already shaved, then go ahead and rock a skirt or dress! For a look that is preppy and cute, try an overall dress with a long sleeve printed top. Complete the outfit with a fun pair of oxfords. 

Leggings And a Tunic

I mean, how can you go wrong with leggings? They are so comfortable and easy to wear, and when you don't have time to spend on your outfit, they make the perfect "in a rush" piece. Toss a tunic over those leggings for a comfy, casual look.

Warm & Cozy

When it's cold outside, there's nothing like dressing in a warm sweater and cozy boots. The nice thing about sweaters is that you can wear whatever you want underneath, because no one will see! And if you've overslept, you're likely to grab the first shirt you see, regardless of whether or not it matches your sweater.

Sporty Girl

For a look that is classic and sporty, go with a plain t-shirt dress, and pair it with some sneakers. Pull your hair back into a ponytail and cover with a baseball cap. You'll be so cute, nobody will know it only took you five minutes to get ready.

Boyish Charm

If your style is boyish, you've probably got a pair of menswear inspired pants in your closet. Throw a comfortable tee on, and grab your combat boots to create a non-girly ensemble. The nice thing about menswear is that it is dressier than most women's pieces, so your "lazy" look will have a touch of sophistication.

Back to Basics

Athletic pants, a plain white tee and a pair of Adidas sneakers is all you need. When you've hit the snooze button half a dozen times, it's a "back to basics" outfit kind of day. You can give your look a mini facelift by donning a pretty accessory in your hair to offset the super casual vibe of your ensemble.

Lounge Wear Lady

Maybe you prefer loose, linen pants over jeans. If that's the case, grab those lounge wear style pants, a classic tee and some flip flops to create an outfit fit for a couch potato. It's totally fine to have a "cheat" day, where you allow yourself to look like a hot mess. As long as you're comfortable, who cares?

T-Shirt Dress & Cardigan

Would you describe your style as conservative? Are you all about the classic cotton pieces? Even if you overslept, it's really easy to throw on a t-shirt dress and a matching cardigan. Pull your locks back into a loose ponytail, and go with a casual pair of sneakers or a ballet flat to complete the look.

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